I Want That: Sideshow's new Wonder Woman figure looks a lot like Gal Gadot

A lot of folks don't think that Gal Gadot will work as Wonder Woman in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN because she doesn't have humungous breasts. While the physical proportions of women in comics is not exactly realistic, Gadot doesn't seem to resemble Diana much at all. But, she is working to try and bulk up for the coveted role as you can see in the image below.

While not exactly Amazonian yet, the actress is definitely on her way to a more muscular physique. Still, I am sure many will say she doesn't look like Wonder Woman. Well, maybe this amazing new Sideshow Collectibles figure will change your mind. The $399.99 limited edition figure boasts a much more realistic portrayal of the super hero than we usually get and does have a striking resemblance to Gadot. Check out the face, specifically the nose and chin and you can see a lot of Gadot. Plus, the chest area isn't quite as accentuated as we typically see in the comic book version of the heroine. To me, this looks a lot like a physically plausible take on Wonder Woman, which is what Zack Snyder and his team may have seen when casting Gal Gadot. Coincidence? Possibly, but you be the judge.

While I don't think Gadot is quite there yet, I am not opposed to the casting. But, looking at this statue, it has to be hard for anyone to live up to what we all envision as Wonder Woman.



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