I Want That: New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story sixth scale figures

Every day gets us closer to ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, and yet details on everything from the characters to what kind of craft services the crew had is being kept under lock and key, only to be leaked out at the studio’s disgression. This is of course upsetting to me, because everyone who knows me knows I'm quite the bagel connoisseur. However secret everything may be, we can find other avenues of getting such little details as, say, costume features.

Thanks to a new batch of figurines from Hot Toys, we now have a pretty detailed look at members of the Empire from ROGUE ONE, including none other than the big baddie, Darth Vader. On the Vader front there isn’t that much different in the costume than the normal, classic Vader look. The only difference is that he looks a little more streamlined near the chest and shoulder area, as many assume the asthmatic antagonist will enter the battle fray in this flick.

As for the minions we have the the Shoretrooper, the Stormtrooper Jedha Patrol and the Death Trooper Specialist (on a brighter stage than previous images). These look like the many variants of the cronies from earlier STAR WARS films, but with their own modern flair.

Enough talk! Admire these tiny renderings of these dangerous folks and you can pre-order them HERE!

Source: Sideshow



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