Ice Cube to give us his best "Humbug" in new retelling of A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" has been adapted to film more times than I can count (obviously I can't count very high) and according to Deadline, yet other version will soon be on the way. Universal has come out on top in a bidding war for HUMBUG, a contemporary retelling of the Charles Dickens’ tale which is set to star Ice Cube in the lead role.

Ice Cube will play "a wealthy real estate mogul shown a path to redemption by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future" in the film which will see him reunited with his RIDE ALONG 2 director, Tim Story. The script, which comes from Todd R. Jones and Earl Ritchey Jones, was originally set to be produced at Relativity, but after they filed for Chapter 11, the script was once again up for grabs. Christmas films are usually a sure bet, and as Ice Cube's name is currently riding high due to the success of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, it's no wonder that Universal is moving forward with HUMBUG. Another sure thing, Ice Cube yelling at one or more of the ghosts.

The last feature film adaptation of "The Christmas Carol" was just six years ago and starred Jim Carrey as both Ebenezer Scrooge and the three ghosts. A CHRISTMAS CAROL was also one of Robert Zemeckis' forays into motion-capture animation. Dead eyes all around!

Which film version of "A Christmas Carol" is your favourite? Mine would be the 1951 adaptation starring Alastair Sim.

Source: Deadline



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