Idris Elba is the frontrunner to play Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower

Although I've reached the point of "I'll believe it when I see it," it seems as though work on the feature-film adaptation of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" has been moving forward at a steady pace as of late. The debate over which actor should play Roland Deschain in THE DARK TOWER has been argued about since the first possibility of a Dark Tower film emerged (which was long, long, ago), but now Deadline believes that they have discovered who Sony and director Nikolaj Arcel are considering.

The outlet reports that Idris Elba (BEASTS OF NO NATION) is currently the frontrunner for the role of Roland Deschain, but cautions that no deal has been reached and that nobody involved would comment on the story. If Idris Elba does secure the role for himself, it would finally give him a star-vehicle in what could be a major franchise. Matthew McConaughey is apparently still in talks to play the villainous Man In Black, a role which he was offered just last month; in fact, he was initially offered the role of Roland Deschain as well, but found himself leaning more towards the role of the villain as he'd like to "embrace his dark side." Personally, Elba and McConaughey sound like a great match, but I suppose we shouldn't jump to conclusions until the ink is dry.

What say you, would Idris Elba make for a good Gunslinger?

Idris Elba returns as DCI John Luther in a two-part special set to air on December 15, 2015.

Source: Deadline



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