Idris Elba to develop fantasy-action trilogy Poe Must Die


I know you're thinking exactly what I'm thinking about Idris Elba, and that's the fact that we don't see that badass in enough movies! Lest you forget he has a small role as Heimdall in the upcoming AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (check out latest trailer here), the man will also be voicing Shere Khan in Jon Favreau's THE JUNGLE BOOK which is scheduled to hit in October. That's all well and good, but how about something really crazy to shake things up? Enter "Poe Must Die". For those of you unfamiliar with the book, I've posted a brief synopsis below.

Against a backdrop of New York City in the 1840’s, a hellhole of crime and squalor, Edgar Allan Poe plays out a deadly game, fighting not only the demonic forces waged against him, but also his personal demons, the memory of his beloved wife and the alcohol he consumes in order to forget her.

Pierce James Figg, a renowned ex-bare knuckle fighter, has arrived in New York from London carrying with him a letter of introduction from Charles Dickens to Edgar Allan Poe. Figg is pursuing Jonathan the sorcerer and spiritualist. The man who brutally murdered his wife. Jonathan seeks the Throne of Solomon which will grant him immortality and dominion over Lucifer, Asmodeus and all the demons of the upper air. His search has led him to New York.

Frail, gallant Edgar Allan Poe and the grieving, brilliant boxer unite in a perilous mission to find and destroy Jonathan before he can achieve his goal of controlling Lucifer and thereby change the destiny of the world.

Did you just read that? Absolutely, and if Elba is not playing a lead role in this crazy story, then he's doing something wrong. Fortunately for us, he's looking to develop this story through his Green Door Production Co. as a trilogy. I haven't read the source material on which it's based so I couldn't say whether or not a trilogy is really necessary, but I know that more of Idris Elba is a good thing. Here's hoping this project jumps into the fast lane so we can see this madness on screen sooner rather than later.

idris-elbaIf he wants to get around to this before he plays James Bond, that'd be great!

Source: Variety



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