If Jason Statham wasn't in Crank, who might have been Chev Chelios?

Aside from the breakneck directing style, Jason Statham was a huge part of what made CRANK such a delirious dose of murderous inertia. But what if daredevil filmmakers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor wound up with a different actor blasting full-tilt through Los Angeles?

Today on their twitter feed, they revealed some of the other possibilities for kinetic hitman Chev Chelios:

guys who were almost chelios: chris rock, matt dillon, johnny knoxville, seann william scott, robert downey jr., andy serkis

but out of our league: tom cruise, nicolas cage

Now, any one of those actors would have made a radically different result, some more intriguing than others. And while Statham acquitted himself better than anyone could imagine, Andy Serkis' physical talents would have surely provided some inspired lunacy...

Which of those "What If?" versions would you love to see?
Extra Tidbit: Cage is obviously no longer out of their league -- Neveldine/Taylor directed him in GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE, arriving in February.



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