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Last week I had breakfast at the St. Regis hotel in LA, and then spent a few minutes chatting with Colin Farrell. Ok, ladies, you can exhale now. The press junket was arranged for the upcoming release of the film THE RECRUIT, which, by the way, I saw the previous night and thoroughly enjoyed. Despite Al Pacino's cliché "hoo-ah!" character, the filmed brought me in and kept me revved the whole time. Real entertainment. And within the film, Colin Farrell was great. I hadn't seen him in anything but MINORITY REPORT, in which he had only a small role, but I like the guy. And now, after meeting him, I like him even more.

First things first, before the interview all we had heard about Colin was that he was a partying Irish boy who drinks beers during his interviews and chain smokes. Well, the chain smoking part was true (he had 3 during my time with him), but as far as I could tell he was sober. The other thing you hear about him is that he swears a lot. Well, who the fuck doesn't that's from Ireland…not to stereotype or anything.

Anyway, all preconceptions aside, the guy was great…down to earth, funny, and genuine…a rarity in this town. He chatted about his newfound fame, acting opposite Pacino, and living in Ireland. Here's what he had to say…


Did you do any research for this character? Did you ever go to the CIA?
No. I mean, I wasn't playing a character that had been overseas and had three or four years under his belt. I was playing someone very much in the infancy of being an agent. And he never actually makes it. He doesn't finish the training program. So, being a recruit, I didn't really have to know that much. I read some books from past experiences coverts had in the field. I went up to Cambridge to get some space and hang out…I went to get space and see what life's like on a campus and see what it's like to be a student.

Do you think that this movie is propaganda for the government and the CIA?
Propaganda? No, it's fiction. It doesn't really do any favors in particular for the CIA. With respect to the articles saying the CIA had control over it…don't mind that shit.

What was that first day like with Al Pacino?
I've had some great experiences. I've worked with some really great actors, and I've certainly been nervous before. And I'll be nervous again. But this one was different because he was who he was. And he is who he is. The first day we had a scene together I almost shit myself. Which is fine because it was the scene where I arrive at the farm and ask him if he wants to have a beer and he basically tells me to fuck off…So that was the first scene and it was perfect.

What did you learn from him?
I'll tell what was great to see was, after so many years and after doing such fine work, and being the actor that he is…he still doesn't sit back and rest on his laurels. He still is obsessed with getting it right. And he still beats the shit out of himself….Just seeing that level of passion after such a long time is really inspiring to me.

Do you still live in Dublin? 
Still live there.

Are you going to move here? 
No. I have no interest in it. I've been coming here on and off for three years, staying in hotels. And I can go home when I'm not working. So that's the best way for me to do it. Different strokes for different folks. But for me and my family, this works. And it's not just me trying to stay grounded and remember where I'm from, it's just all my friends and family are over there.

What are your thoughts about PHONE BOOTH? How do you feel about it getting delayed?
I was disappointed because it was 2, 2 and a half years to get the fucking thing out and finish it…I don't know when it's going to come out, but I don't really give that much of a fuck because those people were dying on the east coast. There are more important things to worry about when people are dropping like flies out there. I wasn't upset at all. I hear it may come out in March.

It sounds like it was an incredible acting challenge?
Yeah, it was. A 12-day shoot. The whole thing, start to finish….Like Michael Caine said, when they pay me, they pay me for the waiting around, because the acting is the fun part….But, for that movie, from sunrise to sunset all it was was acting. And I was just in that phone booth. That one little space. But it was a blast. I aged about a year in 12 days, but it was fucking fun.

What's the role?
He's a publicist from the Bronx. Works in Manhattan. And he's just someone who believes in his own life far too much to the point that he's not a particularly nice person. And this sniper on this particular day decides to give him a wake-up call.

Your name is in the news a lot now. I picked up US Weekly and it says who you're dating?
Who am I dating now?

I don't remember.
Well, am I happy?

I think so.
Well, that stuff has changed for sure. All the peripheral shit, absolutely. I'm on a billboard now. And that's fine. That's par for the course for what I do. But when I say nothing's changed, I just mean the important stuff. Me, as a person, of course I've changed. We all change. But things are still the same for me overall. 

Well, who are you dating?
Nobody. I'm as single as they come.

Are you getting to the point where you feel you have to monitor what you say or do?
I don't think so. I don't want to have to watch my P's and Q's. I don't want to have to put on a performance…I take my job very seriously.

Do you feel like you are overhyped, and need to live up to the rumors?
I don't need to live up to anything except my own expectations of how I want to lead my life. That's about it, man. I really don't feel like I need to have that last beer at night because someone's fucking watching me. I don't feel the need to live up to anything, to be honest.

Do you feel like not living in LA is good for you? It can be overwhelming here.
It is movie-town here. I mean, it's Hollywood. And I don't always need to be reminded of what I do for a living and how great it is to be a fucking actor. I don't always need that. I don't need to brush my ego.


That's about it from Colin. A quality guy, and a great interview…obviously.
Thanks to the folks at Disney and Touchstone. And thanks to the St Regis for that great french toast.

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