Interview: Elektra Luxx star Carla Gugino!

Nearly every man, woman and child has a thing for Carla Gugino. Thanks to her work in SPY KIDS, SIN CITY, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM and the series “Californication”, she has given performances everybody can root for. The same can be said for her take on ex-porn star ELEKTRA LUXX in the continuation of writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez’ WOMEN IN TROUBLE. “Luxx” is hard not to like.

Carla’s work as a porn actress looking to change her life around is an exciting new role for this talented actress. While the film is very much an ensemble, she keeps it alive - much like she does during an interview. Carla is the kind of person that simply makes you feel good just being around her. She is absolutely stunning to look at, and she is utterly charming and pretty much just awesome. This incredible woman is a fun interview, and she even mentioned wanting to return to Sin City which has my interest.

ELEKTRA LUKK opens in limited release this Friday. This star-studded indie also features Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kathleen Quinlan, Adrienne Palicki, Lucy Punch, Marley Shelton, Timothy Olyphant and a very cool “Virgin Mary” cameo thanks to Julianne Moore.

Source: JoBlo.com



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