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Revenge is always something that has fascinated me. Whether it is a woman bringing down vengeance on the men that raped her in the low-budget cult classic I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, or Park Chan-Wook's brilliant trilogy treading the boundaries of right and wrong when it comes to taking back what is yours, LADY VENGEANCE being my personal favorite. I love the idea and I really find the darkness behind wronged eye's a fascinating storytelling device. And now that Kevin Bacon is taking his sweet revenge in the new James Wan film DEATH SENTENCE, I was more than excited by the idea. 

When Fox Atomic invited a few of us to hang with James Wan, Garrett Hedlund and the main man Kevin Bacon, I was thrilled. We were treated to a few scenes from the film which you can check out HERE, along with it's unbelievable trailer, I was stoked to see more. Some of you may have already had the chance to see the moments of violence as Kevin's character, Nick Hume, has someone taken away from him in a brutal manner. And as he sinks deeper into his need for retribution, the hate begins to tear apart his family. This looks to be a extreme look at the downward spiral for a family man out to take the law into his own hands.

As we all sat down at the OMNI in San Diego while the Comic Con was in full swing, both Garrett Hedlund and James Wan joined us for some conversation. Kevin Bacon stopped by a bit later. Garrett is Billy Darly, the antagonist who begins an all out war as Nick Hume starts making his way closer and closer to him and his posse. Yet the real Garrett is nothing like his anger fueled character. And he seems to be trying to challenge himself by taking on a variety of roles including the strict Mormon in GEORGIA RULE. He is a likeable guy, who comes from a town where they take a holiday for the opening of hunting season. He is nothing like what you would expect from a former fashion model. Check out my conversation with him below and a couple of questions that I got with Kevin Bacon below that.


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