Exclusive Interview: Jean-Claude Van Damme (Part 2)

The Muscles from Brussels aka JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME was recently in my home town of Montreal, Canada to promote his glorious return to the big screen in THE EXPENDABLES 2. Being that I am a big Van Damme fan (you can a read a more personal account of my meeting with him here), I came into this sit-down eager to meet the man and extremely well prepared in terms of my questions (I know his career like the back of my hand). But only seconds into our meeting, Jean-Claude took over and I eventually realized that those questions I had for him were inconsequential. So I tossed them aside. This was no longer an interview but a conversation between two men that saw Jean-Claude open up big time. CLICK HERE for Part 1 of this compelling face-off with the action legend. THE EXPENDABLES 2 is presently playing in a theatre near you!

"I was training for free at night at Gold's Gym at 4 in the morning because nobody was checking for memberships at that time. I was cleaning things for no money, I didn't care. I went to massage a guy and the guy opens his legs and says "More oil!". You know...all that shit."

0:01: JCVD's introduction to Hollywood, working for free, etc...
3:00: Feels like he's failing and won't make it...
3:55: {Publicist tries to stop the interview. Van Damme doesn't want to stop.}
5:00: Gets up and shows us his "guns" and showcases his splits
6:30: Bloodsport is dropped into his lap
7:30: His agent almost f*cks up the deal by asking too much $$$
8:37: Plugs "Expendables 2" for last 10 seconds of interview

Extra Tidbit: What you're favorite Van Damme flicks? I'd have to go with Bloodsport, Cyborg, Double Impact and Hard Target.
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