Interview: John Malkovich talks Red!

When I found out I would be interviewing John Malkovich for RED, the first time in the ten years working for JoBlo.com I'd be speaking to him, I was immediately nervous. Nerves at interviewing famous people faded long ago but something about Malkovich was giving me pause. Maybe I shouldn't have watched IN THE LINE OF FIRE again. But about a week before the junket, I was told that due to time restrictions, I wouldn't be meeting Mr. Malkovich. *Sigh of relief*

Cut to the day of the junket. Because of reasons I'm still not sure, Helen Mirren had to leave early and the schedule was shuffled. All of the sudden I found myself sitting outside Mr. Malkovich's room with little-to-no questions prepped. That alone would make me nervous. But to have no questions prepped for Mr. John Malkovich?!

So how did it go? Well, I'll let you decide, but I found him to be a rather charming, loose and funny guy. Take a look at our interview below...

Source: JoBlo.com



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