Iran Against 300!

I really feel sorry for Iranians. I lived in Malaysia for a while, and during that time the censorship board banned the third Austin Powers movie and I felt cheated. I can't even imagine how those guys in Iran feel following this news.

In an amazing and quite frankly shocking national reaction, the Iranian newspaper 'Ayandeh-no' ran the headline "Hollywood declares war on Iranians" and cultural advisor Javad Shangari called the film "part of a comprehensive U.S. psychological warfare aimed at Iranian culture".

It's now pretty unlikely that 300 will get a cinematic release in Iran and there's even a web-based petition to Warner, which has amassed some 35,000 signatures damning their "irresponsible, unethical and unscientific actions" and demanding a "review and a quick apology from the responsible people".

The problem obviously arises from the fact that Iranians are descended from Persians - the group who are on the receiving end of most of Gerard Butler's SPARTAing. For more of what Iranians had to say, go HERE.
Extra Tidbit: SPARTA-ing; -noun; the act of a thing or person who ruins his/her/it's opponent in a ruthless manner after saying "Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!"
Source: Variety



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