Jai Courtney is down like a clown for a Suicide Squad sequel with David Ayer

I don’t think we have to keep talking about the reception to SUICIDE SQUAD. It came out, the reviews were meh, but it still made a butt-load of cash. Now it’s time to talk sequel, and one of the movie's stars is down and ready to get back into the nitty gritty—Jai Courtney.

The actor who portrayed the deliriously insane Captain Boomerang spoke with the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via Batman-News) to talk about many things, including the reception to SQUAD, proving it hasn’t deterred him from suiting up again with director David Ayer:

“How do you please everyone? And I don’t think Suicide Squad ever intended to. So no one’s setting out to upset the fan base, certainly not a fan base that can be as loyal as this kind of crowd can. But I don’t know how you can push the envelope or try and protect something [without taking risks]. I know what I like in a movie, and it’s not the same thing as my twelve-year-old niece. It’s a challenge, and David [Ayer] did an incredible job, and I sure as hell hope we get to make another one with him.”

Courtney went on to say how he “really liked SUICIDE SQUAD” and how he believes it was “performed incredibly well.” Still, the conversation around why maybe fanboys have been less pleased with DC’s movies than Marvel’s was bound to come up. Courtney talked about the two franchises in regards to the DCEU’s relative infancy:

“Well DC is the still bad guy too, you know, and Marvel has this incredible formula that seems to work. They’ve had the time to let that shit marinate. Everything’s established now, we don’t have to figure out who anyone is. It’s like ‘Cool. Get them all together and let’s have a f*cking orgy and make a billion dollars.’ ”

Though I can't say I'm a huge fan of Courtney's I did like him in SQUAD, along with the rest the cast, and do agree with him that the movie was performed quite well, even if not everyone got their time to shine (*cough* Joker *cough*. Sorry, I meant to say The Joker, but I coughed). I wasn't as pleased with the rest of the movie, but maybe a sequel will be better, especially once DC and Warner Bros. really get a feel for their DCEU, which has great potential. If not, they can at least have a [email protected] orgy and make hundreds of millions of dollars. It may not be as fun as an orgy with a billion dollars, but it's close.



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