James Cameron announces four Avatar sequels at CinemaCon

avatar, james cameron, na'vi

The world of Pandora keeps growing in James Cameron's mind, and, with that, so does the number of AVATAR sequels the filmmaker intends to make in order to tell the whole story. 

What once began as a trilogy and then morphed into a quadrilogy has now undergone changes again with Cameron making a surprise appearance during 20th Century Fox's presentation at this year's CinemaCon to announce that he has four AVATAR sequels in the works. I guess that would make this a pentarilogy or something.

We have decided to embark on a truly massive cinematic process... We began to bump up against the limitations for our art form.

That's why even three more films couldn't contain everything Cameron was envisioning. Each film is set up to stand on its own, but when connected together will create a larger story. The first film is being eyed for a Christmas 2018 relese date, with Parts 3, 4 and 5 then set to follow in successive years starting in 2020. 

I know what you've been saying to yourself... I wish James Cameron would give me even more AVATAR than he had originally planned. You're in luck, because that's exactly what you're going to get. Congratulations. 



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