James Gunn has seen Infinity War and thinks it's "incredible"

We have all seen the new AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR trailer, and of course the movie looks amazing. There’s no way a movie like that can’t look amazing. It’s impossible. But will the actual movie be amazing? Who knows. The majority of the world won’t know until at least April 27, but GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY director James Gunn is a special individual. He gets to see things early because he’s so special, like INFINITY WAR, and now he gets to share his thoughts. Turns out, he doesn’t need many words.

Gunn took to Twitter yesterday to rub it in our faces that he’s seen INFINITY WAR, and in the process shared his very blunt and simple reaction to the movie. In short, the movie is as incredible as we hoped.

I mean, what else would he say? The man has been key to the MCU for a few years now and even got to bring Thanos (Josh Brolin) into full view for the first time in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. His reaction marks the first of what will be many when the first screenings happen, which should be here soon. Marvel tends to have screenings pretty early, lifting the review embargos about two weeks or so before the movie comes out. If I were to be a betting man, I would say words like "wow" and "incredible" will pop up quite often. 

Gunn is not one to hide his opinions and speaks from the heart, and so when he says the movie is incredible I believe him like a humble follower does a charismatic prophet. It's exciting to hear he likes it so much. A lot could go wrong with this movie, from it being too chaotic and messy to simply being underwhelming. But the people behind it have had years to get it just right and prepare for how they wanted to approach it, so I have to believe this is a very carefully constructed movie. Or, it's just a superhero smash-a-thon, which I am also okay with. 

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR arrives April 27.

Source: James Gunn



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