James Gunn to write and possibly direct Starsky and Hutch reboot!

First a MIAMI VICE reboot, and now this? At least this time it's not 80's nostalgia, but 70's nostalgia. And, not only that, but none other than James Gunn - of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and THE SPECIALS fame - will write the pilot, and possibly direct! He'll be sharing writing duties with his brother Brian and cousin Mark.

Also like MIAMI VICE, STARSKY AND HUTCH was a buddy-cop TV drama that got a big-budget movie treatment in the mid-2000s. However, while VICE went the present day, gritty reboot route, the STARSKY AND HUTCH film was set in the '70s (like the show) and went the tongue-in-cheek/retro-comedy route. It starred Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as Starsky and Hutch, respectively, as well as the perfectly cast Snoop Dogg as pimp Huggy Bear.

So the question is...which route will Gunn take the reboot? Will he continue the path of the film, and be more of a send-up? Or will it actually be a serious drama? According to Deadline, the show is "a character driven one-hour procedural", meaning that it actually might be taking itself more seriously than the last incarnation. The next question is: 70's-setting, or modern setting? We'll probably find out soon enough.

So you guys down for a STARSKY AND HUTCH reboot? If so, how would you like to see it done? Either way, sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) directed Shaq in KAZAAM.
Source: Deadline



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