Jared Leto on why he wanted to do something different with the Joker

Suicide Squad Joker Jared Leto

Each cinematic incarnation of the Joker has been special and unique, with each actor filling the clown prince of crime's shoes in delightful and horrifying ways. With the release of David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD on the horizon, we're almost due for a fresh take on the Joker courtesy of Jared Leto. Fan reaction to Leto's Joker has been fairly mixed so far, but personally I'm very excited by the potential for the actor to bring something different to the role, which is exactly what Leto knew he wanted to do from day one. Leto spoke with Entertainment Weekly recently and commented on what special thing it was to be asked to take on the responsibility of playing this character that so many wonderful actors have played before him, but that he knew he had to make the role his own.

You just knew you had to do something different. You had to make it your own. That happens all the time. Whether you’re a composer working on a piece of music that was written a century ago, or you’re an actor on stage, reinterpreting a play, it’s very common these days. Directors take on great works of cinema, actors reinterpret roles, that’s been going on for a great deal of time. From Scarface to Hamlet. In some ways it’s really interesting to reinterpret, redefine. It's a weighty thing to do. But it’s exciting. The Joker is one of those roles. He was written brilliantly when he was first shared with the world 75 years ago, or something crazy like that. And I think I’m just really grateful I had the opportunity.

I'll always remember the outrage that followed once glimpses of Heath Ledger's Joker from THE DARK KNIGHT emerged, which is something Leto's Joker also has in common, but I remain hopeful that once SUICIDE SQUAD is released, we'll have another fascinating take on the character to enjoy. Speaking of SUICIDE SQUAD, there have been rumours that the film is currently undergoing some pricey reshoots in order to lighten up the tone of the film and beef up the character interactions.

SUICIDE SQUAD will open on August 5, 2016.

Source: EW



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