Warner Bros. reportedly doing reshoots to lighten up Suicide Squad

One of the (many) complaints about BATMAN V SUPERMAN was that it had no sense of fun. Granted, the material is pretty dark, but fans still feel there should have been some wiggle room in order to lighten up the proceedings. Levity is a powerful thing and if the following is to be believed, Warner Bros. and DC are going to keep that in mind going forward.

According to BirthMoviesDeath, tens of millions of dollars is being spent on some last-minute SUICIDE SQUAD reshoots in order to lighten up the film. One of their sources reported that all the "jokes" you saw in the latest trailer (seen below) was pretty much all the jokes contained in the film. This money is apparently being spent to beef up character interaction and, of course, jokes.

I'd find it a little ironic that money would be spent to lighten up a film called SUICIDE SQUAD, but if that's the case, it's good to see that Warner Bros. is trying to learn their lessons from BvS. I don't think the movie was exactly the train wreck most critics made it out to be, but it's kinda sad that I even have to preface an opinion about DAWN OF JUSTICE with that. In any case, I hope they take the good of that film and keep pushing forward regarding the rest. SUICIDE SQUAD is introducing us to some very important DC characters, so here's hoping it fares better.

SUICIDE SQUAD hits theaters on August 5, 2016.



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