Jennifer Lawrence being eyed for the Ocean's 11 reboot

jennifer lawrence

What movie franchise wouldn't like Jennifer Lawrence as a core piece of its foundation? My guess would be that they'd all like a piece of Lawrence if given the chance, which is why it makes perfect sense that the planned OCEAN'S 11 reboot that Gary Ross will be directing would want her in the fold as well.

According to The Tracking Board, Lawrence is being eyed to co-star, opposite Sandra Bullock, in a female-oriented ensemble caper that connects back to the George Clooney-Brad Pitt OCEAN'S movies. Bullock is said to play an ex-con in her own right and Danny Ocean's sister, and now back on the outside, would be aiming to piece together a team of skilled professionals for a job involving a valuable necklace at the Met Ball and a sketchy gallery owner. Lawrence would be the Pitt to her Clooney. 

Lawrence certainly would add another major name to the film, which could open the doors for others to become part of the film's crew. Much of the appeal of the OCEAN'S trilogy was watching such impressive talent work together with one another on a project that felt contagiously fun. Lawrence's schedule is pretty busy at all times, but could she make this work as one that affords her the chance to cut loose for once? We shall see.



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