Jessica Biel joins the cast of that other Alfred Hitchcock movie

Earlier today, an image of Sienna Miller and Toby Jones was revealed from the upcoming THE GIRL. That film is following Hitchcock during THE BIRDS. Now comes news that Jessica Biel has joined the cast of another Hitchcock biopic, ALFRED HITCHCOCK AND THE MAKING OF PSYCHO.

Biel joins the already stellar cast that includes Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, James D'Arcy, and Scarlett Johansson. Biel will be playing Vera Miles, the star of PSYCHO who was overshadowed by Janet Leigh and the infamous shower scene. Even though Scarlett will get to strip and shower for the viewing audience, Jessica Biel is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Alfred Hitchcock was certainly a quirky man who had a thing for blondes (along with a fear of policemen and cars). His life story is chock full of material that would make for an interesting film. Focusing just on specific films may not yield enough material for a full film, but time will tell.

ALFRED HITCHCOCK AND THE MAKING OF PSYCHO will be directed by Sacha Gervasi (ANVIL!).

Extra Tidbit: Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar despite having directed over 30 films.
Source: Deadline



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