Jim Carrey to star as Robotnik in Paramount's Sonic the Hedgehog

Alllllllllllrighty then! According to sources close to Paramount's upcoming SONIC THE HEDGEHOG live-action/CGI adaptation, Jim Carrey (KIDDING, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND) has been tapped to play the role of the evil Dr. Robotnik for the feature. Upon boarding the project based on the classic Sega video game character and franchise, Carrey will join James Marsden (WESTWORLD) and Tika Sumpter (RIDE ALONG franchise) for the partly-animated action adventure set to be directed by Jeff Fowler (GOPHER BROKE, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE).

Dammit, now I have the Sonic the Hedgehog theme stuck in my head. Curse you, you little blue bastard!

Lacing up their Speed Shoes in preparation to write the script are Pat Casey & Josh Miller, who will pen a plot revolving around Sonic foiling Dr. Eggman's (Robtonik) nefarious plan for world domination after collecting all of the chaos emeralds. No, this is not a reboot of Thanos' plan from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, though Robotnik's scheme certainly does ring familiar though, doesn't it?

Of course, many of your know Sonic the Hedgehog as the lightning-quick icon from Sega's heyday. The character has appeared in several video game, television series and comic book adaptations since the early 1990s, and has sold over 80 million physical copies of games and over 350 million units across packaged software and mobile downloads.

Soon Carrey will star as Jeff / Mr. Pickles in the SHOWTIME comedy drama series KIDDING. For the show, Carrey assumes the identity of an icon of children's television, and a beacon of kindness and wisdom to America's impressionable young minds and the parents who grew up with him - who also anchors a multimillion-dollar branding empire. But when this beloved personality's family - wife, two sons, sister and father - begins to implode, Jeff finds no fairy tale or fable or puppet will guide him through the crisis, which advances faster than his means to cope. The result: a kind man in a cruel world faces a slow leak of sanity as hilarious as it is heartbreaking.

As a man of many talents and voices, Jim feels like a great fit for the Dr. Eggman character. With that being said, what exactly do you think this SONIC THE HEDGEHOG movie is going to be? Are we to expect a modern day live-action/CGI hybrid a la WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? Or, will this project turn out to be something entirely different? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is expected to race into theaters on November 15, 2019.



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