JJ Abrams' new project is...wait for it, a mystery

Paramount is partnering with JJ Abrams for a new untitled project that's simply being called a "mystery adventure." Not terribly descriptive, but really, what were you expecting from JJ Abrams?

The bit of news that can be revealed is that Abrams is partnering with screenwriter Billy Ray (not Cyrus), who is a busy guy these days, scripting PAN for Channing Tatum, A CAPTAIN'S DUTY for Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks and finally the 24 movie which still promises to exist.

With no other real info about the project, I'll open the floor up with a question. Do you think that JJ Abrams should keep doing his whole "mystery" thing? It's worked for Lost and CLOVERFIELD and SUPER 8 to a certain extent, but by being outside the box all the time, does that actually put him INSIDE a box?

When he's gone outside his usual fare, he's given us the great MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 and STAR TREK. I guess you could argue that all his movies are just pretty damn good, but do you ever get tired of all the secrecy surrounding his mystery projects? Or is that half the fun?

Extra Tidbit: Personally, I'm all for it. I thought the viral campaign for CLOVERFIELD is half of what made the movie great.
Source: Deadline



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