J.J. Abrams gets Alice Eve for Star Trek 2

Alice Eve (SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE) has just been selected to be a part of the ensemble cast of the second STAR TREK installment. If you're wondering which character from the original show the gorgeous actress would be playing (Nurse Chapel?) give it up- she's going to be a brand new character in the canon.

Abrams is still trying to get Benicio del Toro in the role of the villain but the deal is pending. del Toro would be playing someone more familiar to fans but the production is pretty tightlipped, as per usual for an Abrams production.

The rest of the main cast from STAR TREK, including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, will all be returning.

In other STAR TREK news, the documentary TREK NATION is premiering on Discovery Science tonight, as we previously reported. The director of the original feature film is still releasing exclusive deleted scenes from the project on his Youtube channel and the current one features the editor of the film (a close personal friend of mine!) as well as Stan Lee and a bunch of trekkies, who relate how important the series was for them. Enjoy.

Source: Variety



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