JLA cast locked?

Justice League It's been reported that The One Strike would likely send Warner Bros.' upcoming George Miller directed JUSTICE LEAGUE adaptation into the fiery pits of production hell or at least stall it until studio oppressors and writer warriors could reach an accord. Not so, says the IESB, however. They've recently activated a mole from within the WB stronghold and learned that the cast is "100% locked" with an official announcement to be made this week. As for who will be slipping into the various uncomfortably tight spandex outfits of this righteous superhero posse? There's been so many names bandied about for every role, it's pointless to even hazard a guess but feel free to list your ideal cast in the strike backs. If we do get an official announcement, we'll be sure to relay it to you ASAP.

Extra Tidbit: The original Justice League line-up, which first appeared in "The Brave and the Bold" #28 in 1960, included Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter.
Source: IESB.net



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