Joaquin Phoenix says he has "no idea" about the Joker solo movie

Recently a big scoop was dropped that Oscar-nominee Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to star as the Joker in the upcoming solo movie about the Clown Prince of Crime. Everyone began to talk about how good he’ll be in the movie, and what he’ll look like as the villain – basically acting like it’s a sure thing. But this whole casting thing seems to be news to one man – Joaquin Phoenix – who seems to have no idea what any of us are talking about.

The actor was recently promoting his new movie DON’T WORRY, HE WON’T GET FAR ON FOOT during an interview with Allocine (via Batman-News) when he was asked about the Joker movie. In the short clip, Phoenix starts by saying “What movie about the Joker?” going on to say “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He was polite and seemed excited by the idea saying “Wow, that sounds amazing,” but still, he doesn’t seem to know what’s up.

The original report came via Variety, and in said report, the news was that Phoenix was the top choice by Warner Bros. for the role in the movie from Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese and that the actor had agreed to take it on. However, negotiations were not underway at that point, so anything could have happened since then. Perhaps Phoenix is just playing coy, maybe being told not to say anything about the project. Or, maybe, he genuinely has no idea what we’re all going on about.

Phoenix has been approached several times in the past about other comic book movies, like BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and DOCTOR STRANGE, at one point turning them all down for various reasons. The actor may just be looking for the right part, and I would like to think Joker would be that part. My heart wants to say he’s just keeping things on the hush-hush, trying not to say anything before any deal is made. He would do wonders with the part, and if indeed has no idea about the movie the someone gets him on the phone and brings him to speed.

Source: Allocine



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