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Opening day of ShoWest, the annual movie industry gathering in Las Vegas , got started with a bang! During the opening ceremony we got introduced to the new POTC trailer by its producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer delivered some interesting history behind the making of the films, and kicked the clip off by saying, “(POTC3) is the biggest, baddest movie I have ever worked on! If you thought that the first two were good, well…they were just appetizers for what you will see in At World’s End!” The trailer was the same description as what we have been seeing on the web over the past week.

Later in the day, the major studios set up booths at the “Red Carpet Event” and treated exhibitors to cocktails and goodies that were themed around their upcoming release schedule. One of the coolest booths was Paramount ’s, which housed several vehicles from the upcoming film TRANSFORMERS.

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Speaking of TRANSFORMERS, holy shit!!! To close out the first day Michael Bay treated delegates to 30 minutes of footage from this summer’s sure-to-be mega blockbuster! Here is a description:

The first scene opens with Tyrese, Josh Duhamel, and several other military personal landing on a base in Qatar . Everybody is talking about how excited they are to get home to their families, and Duhamel’s character mentions that he wants to hold his baby girl for the first time. The men get settled on the base, and later that evening there is a report of a military chopper headed for the base that is not communicating with the tower. The chopper is identified as USAF45, which was shot down over a year earlier. The chopper is escorted to the base via 2 fighter jets, and once landed it begins to transform!

It is amazing seeing what Michael Bay and the production team have done with these characters. There is a battle that goes on for a bit, leaving the base in ruins and only Tyrese, Duhamel, and a few others alive. They flee on foot into the dessert. End of scene.

The next scene picks up with the team wondering through the dessert. Suddenly there is a rumble in the ground, and a giant drilling tower is knocked over nearly killing the troops. As everybody struggles to find out what the hell is going on, a scorpion type Transformer barrows out of the sand. The effects are amazing on this scene! The troops flee to a nearby village and call for air support from a cell phone. In classic Bay fashion, there are several swooping shots of military aircrafts delivering heavy fire on the bot, and eventually leaving him almost destroyed. Before they can examine the damaged being, it burrows into the sand, leaving behind a section of his tail. End of Scene.

The final scene was a lighthearted one featuring Shia Labeouf riding through a suburban neighborhood inside Bumble Bee. High jinks ensue when Labeouf tries to conceal the Autobots from his parents who are trying to ground him for being 15 minutes late past curfew. We get to see Optimus Prime transform as well as Bumble Bee. The bots are working with Shia Labeouf to find some sort of “glasses”. The scene ends with the bots fleeing and Sector 7 arriving to take Labeouf into custody for “reasons of National Security.” End of  scene.

Other events throughout the day included screenings of the films DISTURBIA and MR. BROOKS. Both films are worth heading to the cinema to check out, and both were introduced by the cast. Let me just tell you, Demi Moore is fine as shit!

There is plenty more on the way today, and I will be sure to shoot the juice over as soon as I have it.

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