Joe Carnahan drops out of Death Wish remake

Joe Carnahan was on to direct the remake of DEATH WISH, but now...not so much.

This seems like the perfect fit, then how did it all go so terribly wrong? Apparently, Paramount-MGM and Carnahan didn't agree on the lead, which was originated by Charles Bronson. It's said the studios wanted Bruce Willis and Carnahan didn't see that vision.

Hmmmm...I wonder how many people actually say, "I don't want Bruce Willis." I wonder how many of those people live to see another die. OR DIE ANOTHER DAY. Sorry, had to. Who could Carnahan have had in mind for the part? And was he also looking at a different image for the story? Did the studio want a gritty blockbuster and the director wanted something a little more low-key? Yeah, more questions than answers with this one. Maybe Carnahan will come out and let us know what happened.

Don't cry for him though, he's got other stuff going on like taking over for Tony Scott on the NARCO SUB flick. If you're wondering what that movie is about, just take the title as is.

Looks like Paramount-MGM are on the hunt for another action director.

Source: Deadline



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