Joey Lauren Adams and more join Kevin Smith's ballooning cast of Mallrats 2

The number of returning cast members continues as Kevin Smith assembles his players for MALLRATS 2. Last we checked, Smith had 4 more members to reveal and it looks like there's a slight change in plans, as he's added 3 more to that list. The most notable announcement is that Joey Lauren Adams is making a comeback. While she didn't play an integral role in the original MALLRATS, her relationship with Kevin Smith paved the way for her take ownership of Alyssa Jones, one the leads of CHASING AMY. Se was also set to star in DOGMA before studio heads demanded that a larger name (Linda Fiorentino) take center stage. You can check out Smith's announcements below.

Kevin Smith on Joey Lauren Adams:

CHASING GWEN! T.S.'s ex looks just like Burt Reynolds, except for the mustache. JOEY LAUREN ADAMS is going back to the MALL, y'all! 10 down, 2 to go!

Kevin Smith on Sven-Ole Thorsen:

LaFours shows us his number of kills! SVEN-OLE THORSEN is going back to the MALL, y'all! 11 down, and NOW an updated 4 to go! Collect all 15!

Truth be told, I didn't see Sven-Ole Thorsen's LaFours character coming back, but it looks like three more have been added to the cast anyway. Most of us have theorized that Ben Affleck will be the last name to be revealed, but who are the other three? I'm still pulling for Claire Forlani to make an appearance, although I suppose Smith could also be talking about his childhood friends Walter Flanagan and Bryan Johnson ("Tell 'em, Steve-Dave!"). Who knows?

MALLRATS 2 may shoot later this year.

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