Beyond the Wall: This Week on Game of Thrones (Episode 6 / May 6, 2012)

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EPISODE 06: The Old Gods and the New


The long summer is at an end, winter truly is coming and with it the cold winds of war as five self proclaimed Kings claim dominance over Westeros, but there can be only one winner when you play the game of thrones.


I'm sure by now most people are hoping Theon will screw up and maybe fall on his own sword, but uncross your fingers folks because unfortunately this episode opens with Theon doing exactly what he set out to do, take Winterfell. I hate Theon even more than I hate Joffrey. We can't really blame Joffrey for the way he is, it was instilled in him, he's always been without honor. Theon, on the other hand was raised to be a man of honor and instead chose to piss on it. It may not go as well as he planned, but he certainly rocks the boat. And who'd have thought amidst all the chaos, a wildling would win a medal for loyalty? Now without spoiling anything, I have to add that I love where this goes, but one has to wonder (aside from the obvious story arc reasons) why Osha didn't give Theon the same treatment she gave the other dude on the way out considering she had ample opportunity. Don't you just love poor character decisions?

And speaking of chaos, King's Landing is in an uproar as the peasants revolt against the King and his subjects (yeah, cause we didn't see that coming). Ironically, it's Sansa who nearly pays for it. There still hasn't been much in the way of "her and Joffrey moments" and I'm still hoping we get some. This is a key moment in the book for another character, Sandor Clegane, the King's "Dog". There's been a glimmer in his eyes from time to time giving off the impression he may not be the heartless baddy we think he is, so this is definitely a turning point for him. I liked it and found it very reminiscent of the book. I don't recall reading much about Marcella, but they sure are putting great emphasis on her being shipped away, if for no other reason than to test the patience of Cersei. Good thing too, because she's even more of an afterthought this season than she was in the last. I remember her being more of a frontrunner in the books, but then again, it's been awhile since I read this one.

I can't get enough of Arya's storyline, especially her time in the same room with Tywin. Seeing them talk sends chills up my spine, and we get a good development here when Littlefinger shows up and though he clearly recognises her, says nothing. I hate how it all feels so rushed though, especially Jaqen's presence onscreen. He's just as good a scene stealer as he is a life stealer, but damn I wish he was there for more than five seconds at a time. A character like him deserves better. And just when I really start to like Robb, he becomes such a buzzkill with all his drooling over Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Pacing people, pacing! Stop throwing a wrench into my adrenaline surge, otherwise I'm need another red bull to jumpstart me back up!

GAME OF THRONES SEASON 2's sixth episode is eighty percent adrenaline, ten percent douchebaggery and ten percent Love Potion No. 9. We do go out on a high note with both Daenerys' and Jon Snow making waves. For new faces we got Qhorin Halfhand last episode and now Ygritte the wildling. I enjoyed Ygritte in the books and have no doubts I'll enjoy her here. Their meeting does pose a second (WTF) character decision moment though, with Qhorin and the rest of Jon's crew telling Jon to kill her and "we'll meet up with you later". Ah, so you're leaving a dude whose been pouring wine for the Lord Commander on his own deep in wildling territory...with a damn wildling!? I can see them in the editing room now; "Just quickly cut to Daenerys and her cliff hanger climax and nobody will notice a thing." It's all right guys, I forgive you. As for our Mother of Dragons, I told you she was being slack on dragon detail (not to mention she's being far too arrogant and demanding considering she's neck deep in hostile territory). And where the hell's Jorah when you need him? Banging that chick with the weird mask? These people really need to get their priorities straight.


Osha gives up the goods...too bad it's to Theon's dumbass. And I'm pretty sure Ygritte was thinking dirty thoughts as she squirmed about...you know what I mean.


The uprising in King's Landing has peeps being butchered (one even torn apart) in the streets, and poor Sansa's nearly raped. Jon and his crew kill a couple wildlings, Theon gets his hands dirty, there's dead bodies in Qarth and Jaqen strikes again. Red God 2, bad guys zip.


I love pretty much all the dialogue between Sir Rodrik and Theon, but Arya and Tywin's conversation stands out just a touch more, especially when he asks her about her father. Tywin, "Is he dead?" Arya, "Yes." Tywin, "What killed him?" Arya, "Loyalty." Tywin, "You're a sharp little thing aren't you?"


Though all too brief, tonight goes to Jaqen H'ghar for being able to deliver on short notice. Damn that Arya's demanding isn't she?



Extra Tidbit: I'm ready to see Jamie Lannister back in the game now!
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