John Wick's Ruby Rose cast as Batwoman for The CW's DC Crossover & more

In what I would consider to be a truly inspired casting move, The CW has cast JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK aluma Ruby Rose as Batwoman for the network's annual DC Arrowverse crossover event in December. Additionally, Rose is also set to star as the character for the CW's BATWOMAN series, which is currently in development for next season.

For the moment, the BATWOMAN series is still in the scripting stage, though as plenty of sites are likely to note, Rose's star power will assuredly propel the endeavor to pilot and series order status. To that end, Nellie Andreeva of Deadline says there are whispers of the CW not planning to use the crossover as a pilot intro for the character, but will look to create a proper full-length pilot instead.

There's no doubt that BATWOMAN stands to be hailed as a milestone for The CW, in that if the show goes to series, it will mark the first time that a superhero series is led by a gay character - male or female. After all, Batwoman is already a major hit with the LGBTQ+ comic book community, so it stands to reason that Ms. Kane will make a splash on the small screen as well.

BATWOMAN is Kate Kane, a scarlet-haired member of DC's extended Bat-family. As an impassioned warrior, Batwoman races high atop the streets of Gotham City as a proud lesbian and highly skilled fighter, ever ready and willing to whoop some criminal ass. However, like many bats that have come before her, Kate is haunted by the demons of her past, and must confront them before she can become the symbol of hope that Gotham so desperately needs.

Attached to write and executive produce BATWOMAN is THE VAMPIRE DIARIES aluma Caroline Dries. Also on-board to help executive produce the planned superhero drama are Greg Berlanti and his Warner Bros. TV-based Berlanti Productions partner Sarah Schechter and DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns.

Batwoman began her comic book crime fighting career in the pages of Detective Comics #233 circa 1953, where she was introduced as a love interest for Batman. As time ticked on, the character grew in popularity, and eventually went on to receive her own solo series as a part of DC's New 52 lineup. The character has also appeared in a series of animated offerings from DC Animation, including spots in BATMAN: MYSTERY OF THE BATWOMAN, BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES, and, most recently, BATMAN: BAD BLOOD, with Kate being voiced by CHUCK's Yvonne Strahovski.

As I'd mentioned earlier, The CW landing Ruby Rose as Kate Kane a.k.a. Batwoman feels like a win all over. Rose, who came out as a lesbian at the tender age of 12, and now identifies herself as genderfluid, arrived on the scene as a powerhouse of talent after writing, producing, and starring in the short film BREAK FREE. As a send-up to gender fluidity, Rose's film skyrocketed in popularity with more than 25 million views on Youtube. Since that time, Rose has been recognized as a positive role model for those who also identify as genderfluid. She continues to be a major player among the LGBTQ+ community, who time and again have celebrated her efforts to bring the concepts of quality and acceptance into the spotlight.

Honetly, I cannot think of a better actress for this role, and I am one hundred percent on-board for what's to come.

Let us know what you think of Ruby Rose being cast in the role of Batwoman in the comments section below.



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