Jordan Vogt-Roberts will not return to the MonsterVerse anytime soon

KONG: SKULL ISLAND debuted in March to a smaller opening weekend than 2014’s GODZILLA, but the fan response was far more positive, hailing the movie’s gorgeous visuals, odd humor, and constant ape-driven excitement. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts made the film is own, an incredible task considering the legacy of the character. But despite fans wishes, SKULL ISLAND was most likely a one-and-done effort for Roberts, as he made note in an interview.

While talking with Screen Junkies Robert spoke about how proud he is of the finished film and gives a shout-out to the fans who appreciated the how “strange” it was. But, in the end, this is probably the director’s last venture into the realm of monsters:

I think I’m done with giant monsters for a little bit. Look, I’m really proud of this world, and I’m super proud of, I think in general, and this is out there too, the response being “Why do we need a new Kong movie?” and that was my response. I’m really proud of how weird this movie is and how much people embraced that stuff and actually called out how strange the movie is, and I wanted it to have a voice. I’m so proud of what we did and how I think it is very non-traditional blockbuster in 2017 and I’m so proud of what Legendary and Warner Bros. and those guys allowed me to do and the collaboration we had, but I definitely don’t think I got Kong vs Godzilla in me. You never say never, I’m so proud of the Kong we made and the vibe of him and the energy of him and the vibe of the creatures on the island and everything, but yeah it would be tough for me right now.

In the end he hints he could come back to the genre in time, but for now the man and his beard will rest their monster movie brains. Granted, he did say not too long ago he would like to do a spinoff movie with John C. Reilly's character, but if I'm betting my rent I'd say that won't happen. As it stands, Michael Dougherty is directing GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, and there is no director for KING KONG VS. GODZILLA yet.

If SKULL ISLAND is where Roberts must stop, it was a grand place to call it quits. The film received pretty good reviews and held really well at the box office, currently standing at $163 million domestic and $559 million globally (beating GODZILLA by $30 million), doing far better than some pre-release expectations had it at. I had a ton of fun watching KONG: SKULL ISLAND. A perfect movie is is not, but as far as an ape bashing stuff and humans trying to stay out of the way it felt unique and vibrant. The movie certainly had it's share of strange humor, and had a smashing time playing with monster movie conventions.

Source: Screen Junkies



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