Joseph Gordon-Levitt to replace Paul Dano in Vollrath's 7500 plane thriller

Word has come in that INCEPTION and SNOWDEN star Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be replacing THERE WILL BE BLOOD actor Paul Dano for Patrick Vollrath's plane thriller 7500. The film takes place in the cockpit of a plane being taken over by a band of hostile terrorists. Gordon-Levitt will step into the role of Tobias Ellis, a co-pilot who is forced to think fast and react even quicker during an airline hijacking at 30,000 feet.

7500 is set to be Vollrath's first feature-length film, to which he has also penned the script. While principal photography has already begun in Cologne and Vienna, it will still be some time before we see the finished drama produced by Jonas Katzenstein and Maximilian Leo of Augenschein Filmproduktion. Gordon-Levitt, who recently starred as Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone's biographical thriller SNOWDEN, will set to work on 7500 before gearing up WINGMEN, the Channing Tatum-led comedy musical which Gordon-Levitt will also direct as well as star.



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