Jurassic Park IV may be a combination sequel and reboot starring Bryce Dallas Howard

While JURASSIC PARK 4 still seems to be on hold, Colin Trevorrow and Universal may have found an alteration to the story that will allow they to reboot and sequelize the series in one film. Collider is reporting that Sam Neill, star of the first and third films, called the fourth ”a big reboot, a total re-jig.”

Reports are flying all over the place about JURASSIC PARK IV, including casting rumors that have Bryce Dallas Howard and David Oyelowo taking roles that would feature a team venturing to Isla Nubar for the opening of the park. This could be a way to have the island re-opened after the events of the first three movies or a full reboot of the series.

Personally, I would rather see the sequel retain the continuity of the first movies but tell an original story. Even though the first movie came out two decades ago, it still seems too soon for a reboot. Sam Neill's comments seem to imply he will have some sort of involvement in the movie. If they do plan to go reboot, I hope Neill takes over the Richard Attenborough role of John Hammond. Now that would be awesome!

Source: Collider



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