Jurassic World Evolution is the dino-park simulator we need right now

There was a game my friend Chris and I would play called JURASSIC PARK: OPERATION GENESIS. It was a fun theme park simulator, with the caveat that there were motherfucking dinosaurs in it. The best part was that, while it was somewhat limiting in a lot of ways, the implementation of the dinos into your park was undeniably fun. Because while Chris was a theme park enthusiast and tried to make it a running, thriving park, I just got cheat codes and made T-Rexes eat a bunch of people.

Now, I bring that up, because it seems that the upcoming JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION - from the studio that made PLANET COASTER and ZOO TYCOON - is going to be a very similar game, albeit with updated graphics and (hopefully) more options. I mean, I don't want to wait as long as you had to in OPERATION GENESIS to get a goddamn T-Rex. 

But no matter what, at the very least it hopefully won't be another fucking TRESPASSER:

Meanwhile, JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION will hit PC and consoles next year.

Extra Tidbit: I wanna play a game where you're a T-Rex and just fuck shit up. Why do we always have to humans or park managers in these games?
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