Jurassic World has become the third highest grossing film of all time

In yet another box office achievement, Colin Trevorrow's JURASSIC WORLD has now surpassed THE AVENGERS to become the third highest grossing film at the global box office. With $1.522 billion in combined international and domestic gross, JURASSIC WORLD has exceeded THE AVENGERS' $1.520 billion just slightly to take the number three spot. The only two films with higher grosses belong to James Cameron: TITANIC is number two with $2.187 billion and AVATAR remains number one with $2.788 billion.

Keep in mind that these are global numbers which play a larger part in studio decisions these days compared to just domestic returns. While Universal has not yet announced that there will be a sequel to JURASSIC WORLD, I would be shocked if these numbers do not make that a reality. We know that Chris Pratt would return but Colin Trevorrow would likely move to a producer only capacity.

Domestically, JURASSIC WORLD currently ranks fourth on the all-time list with $614 million in grosses. It could surpass THE AVENGERS' $623 this weekend. JURASSIC WORLD currently holds the honor of being only the fourth film in history to cross the $600 million mark at the domestic box office. If there was a marketing push or re-release in a larger number of theaters by the end of summer, there is a slight chance the movie could even knock TITANIC's $658 million from the number two spot on the chart. Once again, AVATAR holds the top spot as the only film to cross $700 million.

JURASSIC WORLD has shown to be one of the most fun summer movies in a long time and one that is completely critic-proof. Here's hoping that it influences studios in a positive way and greenlight some other long in development sequels that we have been clamoring to see. JURASSIC WORLD is now playing.

Extra Tidbit: FURIOUS 7 needs to gross less than $10 million globally to knock THE AVENGERS down to fifth place on the chart.
Source: Box Office Mojo



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