Kate Beckinsale kicks Colin Farrell's ass in these new Total Recall TV spot, photo, and fight scenes

While it is very difficult for me to look forward to a remake of my favorite Ahnuld movie, the prospect of Kate Beckinsale kicking non-Lycan ass is very appealing. And we have a bunch of new TOTAL RECALL stuff today to fill that need.

First up is a new still image of Colin Farrell holding a gun to Beckinsale's pretty head. She does not look like she is going to be a victim for much longer.

Not impressed yet? Need something more? Then check out this new TV spot. There are definitely new scenes in this footage that showcase some more of the action from the movie.

And last but not least, Kate appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and brought with her a clip of the fight scene between herself and Farrell. Fans of the original TOTAL RECALL will recognize exactly where this scene fits into the movie as a whole. The fight begins at the 5:38 mark in the video.

Okay, so from a "realism" perspective, I buy Beckinsale versus Farrell much more than I did Stone versus Schwarzenegger. Does that mean this will be better than the original? We shall see when the new TOTAL RECALL opens August 3rd.



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