Kermit, Pepé, Miss Piggy & Beaker spit fire for a Drop the Mic rap battle

Forget cinematic rappers like Jimmy 'B-Rabbit' Smith and and Patti Cakes, suckas, because The Muppets don't play, and they're here to drop some sick PG-rated burns courtesy of TNT's Drop the Mic. On the latest episode of the smash hit rap battle program, Muppets Kermit, Pepé, Miss Piggy and Beaker assembled to deliver what Kermit thought would be a nice, friendly exchange of compliments. Unfortunately for Jim Henson's iconic tea-sippin' frog, Miss Piggy, Pepé, and even Beaker had a different strategy in mind.

For the first round, Kermit showered his felt-covered compatriots with a avalanche of accolades, to which Miss Piggy responded by rapping, "Kermit, what was that? Are you even trying to compete? This is Drop the Mic, not Sesame Street." After laying it down hotter than a slab of bacon fresh out of the oven, Pepé opted to go savage on his Henson-created co-horts, though in the end he was no match for Beaker, who down the line delivered a string of obscenity-laden lyrics that almost brought the house down. For real, never have I heard meeps so harsh.

You can watch the rap battle in its entirety below:  

In other Muppet-related news, Warner Bros. has recently announced that they've tapped PORTLANDIA director anc co-creator Jonathan Krisel to helm a live-action SESAME STREET movie. According to sources, the film will be framed as a musical, with STRANGER THINGS alum Shawn Levy and Michael Aguilar producing.

Who do you think won this week's rap battle? Kermit and Pepé or Miss Piggy and Beaker? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: TNT



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