Kingsman: The Golden Circle - Trailer Breakdown (video)

The sleeper hit of KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE has created some strong hype for the sequel, KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE and now that we've gotten our first taste of the follow-up with a new trailer there's even more to buzz about. Based on Mark Millar's original comic with artist Dave Gibbons, this is a comic book sequel that doesn't follow any source material, as there hasn't been a second wave of the series, so there's plenty of room to go any direction they want. Director Matthew Vaughn is sure to bring some fun, surprise, and maybe a shock or two as he did with the first one and the inclusion of the American version of the Kingsman, The Statesman, is sure to bring a ton of fun. But, there's still a ton of questions as to how it'll all shake out, so we take a stab at the latest trailer and break it down to look deeper into what we saw, what we missed and what may be in store for the highly-anticipated sequel.


Extra Tidbit: Having seen a very different and much-lengthier trailer for The Golden Circle at CinemaCon this year, I can confidently say that you ain't seen nothin' yet.
Source: Joblo.com



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