Kingsman's Sofia Boutella in talks to become The Mummy

Looks like we're going to get that female lead villain for THE MUMMY after all.

Sofia Boutella, who made her mark as the villainous henchman in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, is in talks to take the title role in Alex Kurtzman's reboot of THE MUMMY, confirming rumors of a different gender for the baddie in the new film that had swept across the internet the past few months. Her role in Matthew Vaughn's film helped propel her into a spot in the cast of STAR TREK BEYOND, and now she's here, so it's safe to say her ascent continues quite magnificently. While it's tough to judge how this casting might look based on her appearance in the STAR TREK Universe, it's really hard to complain about her addition based on the work we got out of KINGSMAN, which was stellar. She established a magnetic presence in that film, and, unless we're simply bitching because this isn't a man in the role again, this has real potential.

It also appears that THE MUMMY will remain a Tom Cruise vehicle. Despite all of the denials that came out following the initial reports, all signs point to Cruise still being involved as the main protaganist, which may or may not be that Navy SEAL that was a part of previous plot rumors.

Either way, promising pieces are being put in place that should have you feeling much more hopeful for THE MUMMY than you did when this was first announced... and that's a good thing.

THE MUMMY unwinds into theaters on March 24, 2017.



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