Kung Pow 2 may finally be in the works


Talk about a blast from the past! It's been 13 years since KUNG POW!: ENTER THE FIST brought it's ridiculousness to the masses and while the end of that film jokingly teased a sequel, it seems like creator Steve Oedekirk may up for shooting one after all!

For those unfamiliar, KUNG POW! was a one-man show with Oedekerk as director, screenwriter, and star. The movie was a martial arts spoof that borrowed footage from other martial arts films and combined it with new footage featuring Oedekerk as the kung fu hero. It's restoration of older footage was impressive for the time, although its brand of humor was not for everyone. As reported by World Film Geek, Oedekerk attended the Dragonfest convention in Burbank, California this past weekend and it was there he announced that he would be going ahead with a KUNG POW 2.

Oedekerk hasn't been too busy in the writing/directing department lately, but given the success of KUNG FURY, a second KUNG POW makes sense. There's obviously a market for kung fu and ridiculous antics and while I'd argue KUNG FURY did it better (could never get into the dubbing of KUNG POW!), I'm still curious to see what Oedekerk can cook up. It's been over a decade so maybe he has some new ideas that would suit a sequel without it seeming like overkill. Then again, maybe I'm giving him too much credit...

Do you want to see a sequel to KUNG POW?

Source: World Film Geek



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