Ladies line up for the Total Recall reboot's two main female roles

I don't know too many people who are super pumped about LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD's Len Wiseman directing a reboot of TOTAL RECALL starring Colin Farrell. I'm glad to see Farrell get more work, but in a movie that didn't need to be made? Eh.

Anyway, regardless of whether it's a good idea, the project is moving forward, and is now looking for two leading ladies to cast alongside Farrell. First, there's the role of devil-wife Lori, which made Sharon Stone famous, and also that of the more helpful Melina, played by Rachel Ticotin.

In the running for the Lori role are blondes Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger, while Eva Mendes and Paula Patton are in the running for Melina. Also being considered for that latter part are Jessica Biel (poor girl is considered for everything, but never gets it) and Eva Green (who kind of scares me).

I think Kruger is a great stand-in for a young Sharon Stone, and I had to Google search to remember what Melina looked like, and that one is anyone's guess.

But the greatest question remains, who will play the chick with three boobs?

Extra Tidbit: Wiseman is married to star of his UNDERWORLD series Kate Beckinsale. Don't worry, he's cute too. What? Just objective reporting.
Source: Deadline



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