Legendary wants to make a Hot Wheels action movie. Yes, THOSE Hot Wheels.

Build a brand around a concept? Or build a concept around a brand? The former has always proven harder in Hollywood because it requires a good idea to begin with, and then proper execution of that idea. But a ready-made brand? It's like a microwave dinner. Pre-packaged and ready to go, with sides of name-recognition and nostalgia, and a main dish that looks like a steak... but is actually poop.

Enter HOT WHEELS, another in a long line of potential films based on toy, game, or novelty brands that hope to capitalize on name-recognition and nostalgia to take your hard-earned monies. And if you think something like this is innocuous bullshit meant for kids (as if that were an excuse for creatively bankrupt ideas), think again:

"The potential pic is not targeted at the kids who buy Hot Wheels. Instead, the plan is to produce an edgier pic along the lines of Universal's box office success 'Fast Five.'"


Go f*ck yourself, Hollywood.
Source: Variety



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