LiLo too crazy for Manson

Just when things started looking up for Lindsay Lohan (what with that "Ugly Betty" cameo and flashing her ta-tas for all to see), she's getting dumped by one of her upcoming projects. Lohan had previously signed on to star in THE MANSON GIRLS, a project about all those nutty gals who palled around with Charles Manson back in the day. But apparently Lohan is even too nutty to be in a Charles Manson movie. Deadline Hollywood is reporting producers have dropped her from the movie because her involvement has made it difficult to secure any other actors to work with her. Apparently no one wants to be associated with Lindsay Lohan because of her penchant for, well, acting like Lindsay Lohan. Her ability to get hired on studio projects has been especially hampered because of insurance issues but if there's anything IRON MAN has taught us (other than to sit all the way through the credits), it's that stars can rebound from bad times to make it back to the top. So pick yourself up by the bootstraps Lindsay and start auditioning for WONDER WOMAN! (Actually that's a terrible idea, don't do that.)

Extra Tidbit: Remember the good old days of Lindsay Lohan (above)?



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