Top 10 Disney Movies That are Worthy of Remakes

CINDERELLA hits theaters today and Disney already has THE JUNGLE BOOK, ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2, and now DUMBO coming over the next few years. The House of Mouse has a large library of movies that now are eligible for the live action remake treatment. Looking back over their decades of output, we have compiled a list of the best movies, animated and otherwise, that could stand for a re-envisioning using the full budgetary and special effects at Disney's disposal. See if your favorite made the cut and, if not, feel free to add it to the talk backs below.


I will harp on this film until Disney pulls their head out of their asses and brings David Fincher back on board to make it happen. A great story that needs a big budget remake, 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA can be something spectacular with the right director and the right cast. The 1954 take is still a great viewing experience but there is a 21st century spectacle here just waiting to be made.


Joe Johnston's pulp adventure movie is one of those lost franchise opportunities. People have still been clamoring for a sequel to this movie which could still happen. Taking a cue from ANT-MAN, you could have Billy Campbell pass the rocket pack to a new hero, which would be awesome to see. I am also open to a remake which could keep the same tone and feel as the 1991 original but with updated special effects.


Guy Ritchie's take on the King Arthur legend may not leave much room for another take on the same story, but THE SWORD IN THE STONE is such a unique take on the material, it could work for younger audiences. Similarly to MALEFICENT, a new take on this animated classic could focus on a different perspective than a straight Arthurian film while also adding depth to how he reached his crown.


Often looked at as the black sheep of the Disney animated films, THE BLACK CAULDRON has the scope to be the next LORD OF THE RINGS. Epic fantasy has not done well outside of Peter Jackson, but there is enough material to mine from this film and the source novels to make a franchise.


I recently revisited ALADDIN and I hate to say the movie has not aged well. Yes, Robin Williams performance is still classic, but the animation looks dated and the musical numbers feel less epic than they did twenty years ago. PRINCE OF PERSIA bombed for Disney, but why not remake this film as a musical action film? That could have a lot of potential.


While Disney is already working on a new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film, TREASURE ISLAND is an iconic tale that the studio has retold both in animated (TREASURE PLANET) and Muppet form. So, why not make the best of both worlds and have Johnny Depp play Captain Jack Sparrow in TREASURE ISLAND? That would be pretty damn cool.

#7 - MULAN

Disney's live action remakes have been doing a great job of empowering female characters who all seemed subservient in the animated originals. So, why not take one of their most empowered characters and make a kick ass action film that appeals to young girls and boys alike? MULAN has been an outlier in the Disney canon for a long time but would be a great fit, especially in an international market.


A childhood favorite of mine, FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR will celebrate it's 30th anniversary next year. After waiting for a sequel that doesn't seem to ever be coming, why not remake the scifi adventure for a new generation? Disney hasn't had a non-fairy tale live action film focused on kids for a long while but this could be a blockbuster if handled correctly.


While the original movie may be no BIRDMAN, it does give a good source for Disney to make a non-Marvel superhero movie. I would probably tone down the comedy but keep it family friendly. Who knows, maybe CONDORMAN could be the kick-off for a new comic book universe.


This 1979 scifi film has become a cult classic for movie fans. Like TRON, it could make for a great film to get a sequel picking up the events of the first film, but it could also be given a nice polish as a remake. Imagine INTERSTELLAR for kids. How cool would that be?

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