Top 10 Disney Rides Worth Making Into Movies

TOMORROWLAND opens today and represents the first Disney film based on an entire section of their theme park. Sure, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN showed that a ride could make for a good movie, but there are so many more potential elements of Disneyland and Disneyworld that could make for cool movies. Here is our ranking of the ten best potential film properties based on Disney theme park rides. See if you agree with us or if you have other suggestions, feel free to add them to the talk backs below.

#1 - Star Tours

Since Disney is so focused on their STAR WARS franchise, why not take it in a different direction. I propose a NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM type film where some kids visiting Disney get sucked into an actual STAR WARS adventure. It would clearly not fall into the canon of the STAR WARS films but it could be a fun twist on the established Lucasfilm property.

#2 - Big Thunder Mountain

Take the train sequence from THE LONE RANGER and stretch it over a full length film. Nuff said.

#3 - Space Mountain

Unlike Mission: Space, the iconic Space Mountain ride is perfect for a space opera movie along the lines of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY or STAR WARS. Disney may not need another scifi franchise but you could do worse than this instantly recognizable roller coaster.

#4 - Tower of Terror

While we await a decent version of THE HAUNTED MANSION, Disney's other scary ride is ripe for a movie adaptation. The Tower of Terror was made into a TV film, but it could be such a great feature. Getting someone with the right visual skills is a necessity. Maybe Gil Kenan could make this his next movie.

#5 - Mission: Space

A more science-based ride, it does feature Gary Sinise as the "perfect human". Now just cast Sinise in an action movie set in space and you have a winner. The world needs more Gary Sinise! Yeah, I know he already made MISSION TO MARS, but this could be a good movie.

#6 - Maelstrom

Think of it as the Viking equivalent of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Now, just make that into a movie. Who doesn't love Vikings?

#7 - Expedition Everest

Mount Everest has been the subject of several movies with a couple still coming, but making an adventure about battling a Yeti could be a great vehicle for Dwayne Johnson. It could be The Rock versus The Rock!

#8 - Splash Mountain

A roller coaster based on the Uncle Remus stories, Splash Mountain is less likely to ever get made until Disney releases an official version of SONG OF THE SOUTH. Still, the stories are great and turning a calm river ride into a white knuckle river race could be a good start for any type of movie.

#9 - Kilimanjaro Safari

Take the setting and make an action adventure epic about defending the wild-life of Africa from evil poachers. Make it a live action LION KING or TARZAN using the access DisneyNature has used to make gorgeous documentaries for the last few years.

#10 - Soarin

Not a narrative ride at all, Soarin' is essentially a hang-glider ride through the skies of the Earth. But, it does have the potential to be converted into some sort of sky race feature. Family oriented or otherwise, there is a lot Disney could do with such an open concept.

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