Top 10 Mug Shots

There's nothing better than having a Hollywood star royally f*ck up in front of the entire world. This Mel Gibson fiasco has brought the relentless power of the internet to a new level. In a matter of hours after his public display of Jewish hatred and drunken awesomeness you could go online and read about the police report, add official quotes to your everyday dialogue (my favourite being "Sugar-tits"), and of course, check out his mug shot. When our very own Shmoe, BorderEevillll, caught wind of the picture he started a great thread to display the countless other bad boys and girls who've posed for their local sheriff. Then, I stole the idea and wrote this article. Thanks BorderEevillll!

1. Nick Nolte (2002)

I can honestly look at this picture everyday, for the rest of my life, and laugh just as hard as I did the first time I saw it. They say it was just drunk driving but this picture is telling me that Nick was brought in for impersonating the angriest gay-Hawaiian man on earth during an epic battle with a hurricane.

2. Tie Jane Fonda (1970) And Steve McQueen (1972)

Jane's "fight the power" stance was made after being wrongly arrested for drug smuggling at a Cleveland Airport. The pills she had turned out to be vitamins and all charges were dropped. Steve delivered this classic after being busted for drunk driving in Anchorage, Alaska. What the hell else is there to do in Anchorage, Alaska? He ended up posting bail and immediately skipped town.

3. Hugh Grant (1995)

One of the most famous mug shots ever. Hugh was sitting in a car near Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Hugh's pecker was sitting in the mouth of Devine Brown, a local prostitute. While Hugh used the incident to further his career by playing one wanker after another, Devine continues to travel the country, getting arrested for booty calls wherever she visits.

4. Yasmine Bleeth (2001)

What the f*ck happened here? How can a former dream girl of mine look like her head was injected with a pound of peanut butter and then dragged, face first, down a staircase made of razor-wire and hot coals?

5. Paul Reubens (1991)

I can't even begin to imagine how many 80's kids memories were shattered the first time they saw that image above. The fact that it was taken because he was caught masturbating in an adult theatre probably didn't help matters either. Pee-wee has done a pretty good job leaving the incident in the past (even though he was arrested again in 2001 for collecting vintage child porn) and seems to be moving on with plans for two movies based on the much loved Pee-wee's Playhouse series.

6. Edward Furlong (2004)

The story behind this is almost as funny as the picture. According to the Florence Police Department in Kentucky, Eddie decided to gather a bunch of buddies and release all the lobsters in the local Meijer grocery store. It's unclear if he was trying to free them or lead them to the butter isle and devour them. It's also unclear whether this really is Ed Furlong or a fat woman in a wig. You make the call.

7. Macaulay Culkin (2004)

Could that get any creepier? I guess that's what an unusual amount of Xanax and sleeping pills will do to you when you're just hanging out in your buddy's car in Oklahoma. I'm pretty sure if that picture is backed up a little bit we would see that Mac isn't wearing any pants. Just bunny slippers and knee high socks. This kid looked like that during those HOME ALONE movies, Joe Pesci doesn't even go near that house.

8. Vince Vaughn (2001)

This actually looks like a shot from the end of SWINGERS. Vince couldn't be any drunker then he was this night in North Carolina during the filming of DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE. After some punks got a little liquid courage in a local bar, Vince decided to exchange fists and ended up getting his buddy, Steve Buscemi, stabbed a half dozen times or so and thrown in the slammer. I heard this picture might be used on the upcoming wedding invitations.

9. Mickey Rourke (1994)

After being charged with kicking the shit out of his wife, Carré Otis, Mick calmly walked in front of the camera, got comfortable, and delivered this classic photo. According to legend, he then killed the entire present police force, ate all the other recently charged criminals, snorted some blow off the back of a scorpion, and went back home to have sex for 63 straight hours. All charges were dropped.

10. Tim Allen (1978)

Even though he could've been arrested for that moustache alone, the Tool Man helped out the authorities by walking into a trap set by Michigan police to catch him and two other shady individuals making a drug exchange at the Kalamazoo Airport. As is the story with all convicted drug dealers, he served time in prison, started a glorious stand-up comedy act, had the number one television show in the world, added his voice to two of the greatest animated movies ever made, and continues to show up in a cheesy comedy every other month.

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