Louis C.K. is back in this trailer for his new Netflix comedy special

For my money, Louis C.K. is one of the funniest people in the comedy game, right now. In truth, I'm a very difficult person to please when it comes to stand-up comedy. I know it sounds strange, but there's something about a person getting up on a stage with the intent of making me laugh that I find uncomfortable. That said, there are always exceptions to my own weird rules, of course. For my money, Chris Rock has delivered some of the best stand-up I've ever seen, and before he turned into a complete and total monster, Bill Cosby's "Himself" routine was among one of my favorites of all time. 

With all of this said, you can bet that I'll be checking out LOUIS 2017 when it hits Netflix globally on April 4, 2017. This new comedy special will feature the comedian, actor, writer, producer, director and editor as he muses on religion, eternal love, giving dogs drugs, email fights, teachers and much more in a live performance directly from the nation's capitol, Washington D.C.. 

You can check out the trailer for the Netflix exclusive comedy special below:

Be sure to catch what is bound to be a hilarious event as a suited Louis C.K. takes to the stage to deliver his unique brand of brash yet overly-relatable comedic stylings only on Netlfix beginning on April 4, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: I saw Louis C.K. two years ago at Madison Square Garden. I laughed my ass off for nearly an hour and a half. After the show we went out for drinks and got hammered!
Source: Netflix



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