Luke Cage's Netflix premiere date is set

It won't be too much longer before Season Two of DAREDEVIL arrives on Netflix, but guess what? Once all that binging of fresh Punisher actionand more Murdock is done, you're going to be ready for the next thing, the next Marvel series to drop in your queue. You're going to be ready for LUKE CAGE, wondering when the wait will be over until you get it.

Don't sweat it any longer though, as now we know exactly when LUKE CAGE will be entered into your Netflix rotation - September 30.

The series' star Mike Colter announced the news on the red carpet for DAREDEVIL's premiere last night and now you're aware you should maybe keep that weekend open on your calendar since you'll have some watching to do.

You can catch the announcement HERE on the official Facebook Page for DAREDEVIL. It should help tide you over for a little bit until Hell's Kitchen is back upon us next week.

DAREDEVIL Season Two arrives on Netflix on March 18.

Source: Facebook



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