MAD magazine spoofs Stranger Things with their latest issue

In my adolescent to teen years, I was an avid reader of both the MAD and CRACKED magazines. Spy vs. Spy was my jam, and the tiny toons that Sergio Aragones stashed around the many pages of MAD brought a smile to my face with each hilarious installment. Before the days of Nintendo Power, MAD was the only publication I subscribed to, and there have been times when I've wanted to punch myself in the face for not holding on to each and every issue.

Today, Entertainment Weekly unveiled the cover for the newest issue of MAD, which features the magazine's mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, as Eleven from the Netflix series STRANGER THINGS. Inside the book, you'll find that writer and illustrator duo Desmond Devlin and Tom Richmond have done their due diligence in turning the characters of the popular sci-fi show upside down, while cracking more than a few jokes at the programs's expense.

In Devlin and Richmond's spoof, entitled Strangely Thin, the description reads, "It’s a story about a boy who goes missing until he gets found. The first suspects you see are the ones who did it. Both of the love stories go nowhere. And the one character who can stop the monster takes her sweet time getting around to it, because if she did her badass routine in the first episode, it also would’ve been the last episode. The mystery is: where’s the mystery?”

The upcoming issue of MAD will be available digitally on Friday, Sept. 29 and is hitting newsstands on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Meanwhile, STRANGER THINGS is gearing up for its second season premiere that's happening on October 27th.

Extra Tidbit: The first issue of MAD magazine was published in 1952.



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