Mark Millar says that Josh Trank's adaptation of Fantastic Four will be "jaw-dropping"

After wowing audiences with his breakout found-footage superhero pic, CHRONICLE, director Josh Trank is busy readying his next film, a reboot of THE FANTASTIC FOUR.  Speaking to SciFiNow, producer/Marvel movie-runner-for-Fox Mark Millar dropped some info on why he feels Trank is best-suited for the gig and how the process is taking shape, where he makes some bold claims.

“From what I’ve seen and from talking to him – he and I have had dinner a couple of times and we talk quite regularly as well – he’s contemporarising it,” said Millar. “I think he’s just making it work for the screen – he’s a great storyteller."

Millar went on to elaborate about on the connection between CHRONICLE and THE FANTASTIC FOUR, saying, “CHRONICLE, if you think about it, was similar to Fantastic Four in that it was a bunch of people who were transformed into something more than human – that turned out almost his calling card to come and do something like FANTASTIC FOUR."

Millar seems to have great faith in the direction the film is headed, making a claim that we've heard before. “What I wasn’t expecting actually was just how funny and likeable he could make this as well as getting the more awesome moments on screen – I use awesome in the traditional British sense and not the California sense awesome, you know? The Ridley Scott moments, and the Fantastic Four really are jaw-dropping in the same way you feel when you saw Alien for the first time. There’s some moments in this – not to be specific – that are actually gonna be phenomenal on screen and stuff you haven’t seen in a superhero movie before.”

Millar is a passionate guy, especially about comics.  I think he's an inspired choice as Fox's lead for their Marvel properties, although I just wish they could merge and be done with it.  Unite the clans!  Anyway, I think Trank is a talented guy and I look forward to seeing what he brings to what I consider some of the most boring superheroes in the Marvel U. 

THE FANTASTIC FOUR is slated to open March 6, 2015.

It's gonna be pretty hard to top this, though...

Extra Tidbit: I get the feeling this could easily get buried in 2015 with a few other rather epic films being released that year. What do you think? Does it stand a chance?



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